Ampelmann Operations is an advanced offshore company committed to the construction, development and lease of offshore access systems. This offshore company was established as a development of the Delft University Development in 2008. The center technology of the company is the Ampelmann system, which is a motion compensation solution that enables fast, safe and easy access in terms of a moving ship to offshore structures, even during conditions of high waves. With a doubling-up of fleet once a year, the offshore company currently owns 20 systems all over the world, transferring offshore personnel from several kinds of vessels to offshore turbines, FPSO’s, offshore oil and gas solutions and other floating and fixed structures at sea.

The base model of Ampelmann Operations is the A-type, which is a platform that has 2 meters of stroke cylinders, as well as 20 to 25-meter reach of gangways. The recently developed workhorse of the company is called the E-type, which was developed in 2012. With a 3-meter stroke cylinder, the Ampelmann system can carry almost 100 tons of freight and shipment. It can also be fitted with typical A-type client-specific gangway and crane varieties, which can reach almost a maximum of 65 meters.

This offshore company keeps on building its fleet of customary systems, including improvements in application: continuous transfer, re-fueling operations, hose support, cargo transfer, ship-to-ship functionality and a lot more.

Ampelmann Operations is a self-stabilizing solutions company that aggressively compensates the vessels motions to make the transportation of offshore personnel easy, fast, secure and safe. The base of the company is mounted above the deck of the vessel or barge and makes sure that the motion of the compensation is stationary. In addition, it ensures that the top portion of the system is motionless. The gangway, mounted on top of the Ampelmann, can simply be deployed onto the motionless offshore structure allowing secured transfer of offshore personnel. Through the use of an Ampelmann system, it decreases the need for helicopters, semi-subs and jack-ups, which allows for a cost-effective and safe alternative for transferring of offshore personnel.

Currently, Ampelmann Operations is making two new offshore systems, which will be readily available before the start of 2014. The E-type, which is among the systems of Ampelmann Operations, will be offered for the public next year. This E-type system is a king-sized offshore solution and can be able to compensate up to 4 meters of Hs.

The primary technological system of the company is a motion compensation solution that enables safe, easy and quick access such as offshore structures and vessel transfers. In addition, it provides the best offshore operational solutions throughout the whole world. With the help of the company, you will be able to have high-quality offshore systems and platforms. Hence, for people who are looking for the best offshore access platforms, Ampelmann Company is the best business to provide your offshore needs. The company provides high-quality offshore access platforms since it is committed to the sale, lease, development and construction of offshore access systems and platforms.

As the world and technology continue to flourish through time, there is an increasing demand to fuel the development and advancements adequately. In fact, energy consumption is one of the leading concerns of each and every nation around the globe. Every day, this concern is getting bigger, and the issue sure needs immediate attention. Besides, in order to address such issues, there is an increasing need to compensate by adding more and more energy producing infrastructures.

Furthermore, as more and more energy infrastructures are being constructed to meet the needs of the people around the world, the need for more and more personnel and additional structures has been generated. In addition, these infrastructures should also meet the necessary requirements to ensure safety and optimum potential. One of the greatest factors to ensure sustainable operation of these structures is to ensure their safety. The parameter of safety not only applies to the machines but most of all to the people who are working with those machines on a daily basis. Hence, there is a high demand for different and effective precautionary materials. In fact, one of the most highly demanded service in this domain is safe, convenient and reliable offshore personnel transfer.

The most highly demanded company that is well sought after by energy companies is the Reflex Marine. In fact, in the recent times, Reflex Marine was able to sell more than 30 units of offshore personnel transfer across the different offshore locations in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Australia, North and West Africa, and America.

However, let us first answer the question - what is an offshore personnel transfer? This is actually the TORO crew transfer capsule, which made Reflex Marine the popular and successful company that it is today. As the demand for such item continues to increase, across the globe, the different variations for such is continually presented by the company. Initially, this is a unit exclusively designed for usage by oil and gas operators. However, as the energies are slowly changing into renewable forms, the design of these items is also changing accordingly. These offshore personnel transfers are developing to suit the requirements of their buyers.

Reflex Marine is a proven and trusted provider and manufacturer of personnel transfer capsules. From the Frog and Toro, they have addressed the needs of the energy companies. Besides, they have been able to make one of a kind capsules that are able to address all the key risks associated with crane-based personnel transfer.

As the need of these capsules continues to increase, these offshore personnel transfer have also opened the doors to their providers. As demand rapidly increases, the supplier Reflex Marine is also expanding proportionately. It had opened its doors to new terrains and has begun operations at their new headquarters. As the company tries to address the growing demands, their new location allows them to maximize their whole capacity and potential fully. Through the new headquarters, Reflex Marine will be able to expand in order to meet the increasing needs for marine transfer solutions for the offshore oil, gas, and renewable energy industries.

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